Details about this year

We will keep the ideea of last year "Be the change you want to see in others" as a motto for the festival. But, every year, the festival will have a special "flavour". This edition will be related with youth people solving problems. There are 2 aspects: how young people can solve their own problems and secondly how they think they can change the social organization to a better one. That's what "Fountain of Youth" wants to fullfil.
All of these will have to be accomplished using some specific of culture in each country. That means that the students must study the "wisdom" of their own people and let this be the inspiration for their posters.They can also use some elements of graphics specific to their cultures.


Activity no. 1
Launch: 12/05/2014
Activity no. 2
Training of students for choosing the messages.  December 6th –  December 22th
Activity no. 3
Realization of posters   January 5th -March 13th
Activity no. 4
Evaluation and selection of works at the school level     March 16th to March 20th
Activity no. 5
County-level selection and loading works on site Dates: March 23th to March 30th
Activity no. 6
National Assessment April 6th to April 19th
Activity no. 7
Displaying National results April 20th
Activity no. 8
International Evaluation May 11th - May 22th
Activity no. 9
Final results Final Date: May 23th, 2015
Activity no. 10
Preparing exhibition May or June
Activity no. 11
Exposure posters from June to September 2015 anytime, in the participating schools, children's hospitals or in other public places previously identified
Activity no. 12
polls June 1, 2015 - June 22, 2015

Project Summary

This project aims to create an exhibition of inspirational posters with positive message. The message of each poster is intended to be either a tip, a push, or a positive solution to a problem that a child might encounter, whether it is an outside problem or an internal one. First, schools will organize activities to help children realize which is the message they want to convey to the world. Posters can be made manually or using the computer, reflecting the particular message. They will be submitted in electronic format so that they can be printed and then exported in A2 size. A national evaluation will take place leading to the 10 best papers entering the international competition. Afterwards, participants will be given the awards online. Also, after the end of the project, poster exhibitions will be organized by each of the partner schools.


We live in a rapidly changing world. The challenges we face are multiple and they target highly diverse issues. The only protection we have is the wisdom to choose correctly and act correctly, in accordance with the true moral and spiritual values. This project aims to bring to the attention of youngsters fragments of universal wisdom that could help all of those looking at their work to have a state of reconciliation with themselves and everything that surrounds them, a so called state of inner harmony. We all have different problems every day. When trying to solve them, we get stronger and also become able to help other people in solving similar problems. Making a poster with inspirational positive messages involves allowing our experiences to express something meaningful. The message delivered through posters is intended to be an artistic expression of a problem solved by us, or of an issue that consciously or unconsciously seeks resolution. Messages will be emerging from children’s own experiences and feelings, according to the principle promoted by Father Cleopa " Never give advice to anyone before having experimented what you said, yourself. He who gives advice, but didn’t live it, is like the spring painted on the wall.”